Coming out of the darkness into a new life.

I decided to start this shop out a desire to make something more of myself and my talents. After years of hardship, anxiety, depression and having lived in one of the harshest cities in the US I finally decided to move and create a new life. Sadly, even with a better environment I still do not fit quite right into what is considered to be a 'normal' work atmosphere. I have created this space to share my creations with the community and as a hope that I can make something of a living on my own terms.

Here is an idea of what each of the sections here is for:

New Glass Engravings: Everything here are brand new creations. They are made from glasses that I order and will be fairly consistent. There are options as to what kind of glasses you can choose from.

Upcycled Goodies: There are so many things that deserve a new life. Everything in this section is created from materials sourced from thrift stores, garage sales, and many other second hand locations. These aren't always one of a kind, but it really depends on what I find when I go out searching.

Formerly Alcoholic: Glasses and other things made from beer bottles, liquor bottles, things of that nature. As time goes on things in this section may vary wildly so keep an eye on it!

Pixel Art: I make a lot of these melty, beady goodies and I love having them here for everyone. there are some options on what you want me to make the, into (if anything) so make sure to look there!

Repainted: Sometimes there is an object that I like, but it needs a new look. I plan to be painting some shiny pokemon as the little statues become available, but this is where things like that will be found.

I am always up for commissions and ideas so please message me if you have ideas for something you would like or need for any occasion!

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